Mathea Kelvin

Fashion and style play a huge role in the music industry. The following is a list of tips and pointers to pick out from African male artists that makes them stand out.

  1. Versatility

Diamond Platinumz, from Tanzania is a good example of what experimenting and evolving one’s wardrobe is all about. From perfectly tailored suits to t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and caps, there is always a surprise look every time we delve into his wardrobe.

  1. Elegance

Mafikizolo from south Africa, carry home the trophy for elegance and sophistication. Their sense of dressing is always infused with class and their love for all things African is clearly incorporated in their style bring out an outstanding combination of both luxury and traditional bliss.

  1. Luxury

Fally Ipupa is known for his expensive taste and love for all things top dollar. The Congolese superstar is known for splurging on fashion and being a self-proclaimed lover of fashion, it is safe to see that his guilty pleasure does cost him an arm and a leg.

  1. Signature look

Besides making great music, Mr. Eazi has made a brand out of his signature sisal hat. He incorporates this accessory to his artistic expression with his suits, t-shirts, ankaras in a way that has established him as a unique and lovable artist with many of his fans picking up the trend.

  1. Simplicity

South African rapper and musician Kiernen Forbes(AKA) is known for his simplistic style that oozes confidence and self-assurance. Plain t-shirts, small chains and black ray bans characterize his style but he still captivates with his dressing.


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